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       Bad Ass Trike Company is a manufacturing company in Michigan,that design and build the VW Mid-Engine trikes you see on this web page. Our fist mid-engine trike was built in 2005 and was a success first time out. It was built as a concept of a mid-engine rail buggy I had. I have built many vw trikes nin the last 27 years,and all of them where the rear engine type.They proved to be light in the front end, do to the weight of the motor behind the back axle. After studying the mid-engine rail buggy, I thought a trike would be much more stable and rider friendly if the motor and riders weight was forward of the back axle. I then designed the trike we are building today. It has a VW 1600cc air cooled motor and two transmissions. The first trans is emptied and a jack shaft made to couple with the back drive transmission. The emptied trans case Houses the starter and clutch. The back transimssion has all the gears.                                   

The Oil cooler is in the front lower section of the frame, and cools the oil as the air moves through it while your driving. The Clutch and brake are hydrolic. The left foot pedal is the clutch and the right foot pedal is for the brake.The shifter is on the left side,just below the drivers seat.  It Shifts like a reguler four speed,but sideways. It even has reverse. I rode this trike for more then 3,000 miles my first summer,with no air cool tins on the motor, and never had a problem with it over heating.The air moving through the motor as I drove, kept the motor cool. Much like any air cooled motorcycle. I have since found out that some of my clients in the south west where having trouble keeping their trikes cool in the hot summer days. We have found a very good cure for the over heating problem. We have an air cooling system that uses a Porsche 914 fan and a bostich altenator. This cooling system has a fiberglass shroud, that hugs the motor and allows the riders legs to reach around it. They work very well with our trikes.                                                                                                                               Bad Bad Ass Trike Company  has design, developed and is manufacturing every part for our trikes. and are now offering our VW Mid-Engine Trike Kit.The trike kits are made to the same specks as our turn key trikes. The kit includes every thing that has to be manufactured just for our trikes. All our designes are put into a C.A.D program,and are cut with CNC lasers and water jet machines to insure an exact fit. Frames ,forks,swing arms,exhaust,and handle bars are all welded on our factory welding jigs. This allows us to make several of the same parts that will bolt together every time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Kick around our web sight,view the photos of our trikes,and feel free to leave coments and sign our gest book. We would love to hear from you. And please check back often, We have alot more to add.








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