Bad Ass Trike Company

VW Mid-Engine Trikes

  If you would like to purchase our products?  Please contact us through the Contact Us Page,and tell us what you would like to purchase. List the Items you wish to purchase, and we will send you an invoice for those items. Make sure you leave your contact information. 

                                Street Cruiser Trike Frame

                                                                                                                                                    This frame is our original VW Mid Engine Trike Frame. It is a low profile trike with a 42 degree rake on the front end. The frame comes with motor and transmission mounts, foot peg mounts, clutch and brake master cylinder mounts, gussets,and shifter mount bracket, all welded in place. All our trike frames come with a copy of our Mid Engine Trike Build Manual. This manual will show you step by step,how to build and assemble your Bad Ass Trike, and also comes with technical support from Bad Ass Trike Company.                            $1,200.00                                  

                                Chopper  Trike  Frame

                                                                                                                This is our chopper version of our VW Mid-Engine Trike Frame. It has the same features as our Street Cruiser Frame, Except it is stretched six inches in the neck and down tubes. The rake is set at 35 degrees. It all so comes with a copy of our Mid-Engine Trike Build Manual,and Technical support for your trike build project.               $1,200.00

                       Mid-Engine Trike  Build  Manual

                                                                       Our Mid-Engine Trike Build Manual, was Written to show you how to build the street cruiser trike. It starts with a  list of materials ,and takes you step by step through the build process of every part manufactured for our trikes. The build manual shows you how To build the frame, swing arms, front end, motor and transmission,hydrolics clutch and brake,as well as shows you how to make a custom gas tank,and seat. It covers every thing that needs to be made just for our trikes. We offer the manual free with the purchase of one of our trike frames and trike kits. If you purchased the manual,and later on purchase one of our trike frames?  We will refund you the cost of this manual. This manual also comes with Bad Ass Trike Companies technical support.                                                                                                                                                                                   $75.00

                         Transmission  Adapter  Plate

                                                   These trikes have two transmissions in them. The first transmission is emptied and this adapter plate joins the tail end of the emptied trans to the bell house of the drive transmission. A bearing is attached to the adapter plate and a jack shaft is installed to the emptied trans,and couples the the back drive transmission. The starter and clutch operate from the emptied trans. And the back transmission houses all the drive gears. This adapter plate is designed on a cad program,and cut out of 1/2 inch 6160 aluminum with a cnc water jet machine. They are designed and produced just for our trikes.          $165.00

                                    Adapter Plate Bearing

                                                                               This bearing mounts on to the Transmission Adapter plate, and keeps the jack shaft centered with the drive transmission. It is a sealed bearing that dosn't need to be greased.                                                                $45.00

                                       Jack  Shaft

                                                                                  The Jack Shaft is made from the front spline shaft,and reverse gear of the emptied transmission case. This shaft is mounted in the emptied transmission case,and couples with the motor and back drive transmission. The Jack Shaft is also sold as an exchange. Send us your front transmission spline and reverse gear, and we will send you a balanced Jack Shaft.                                                                                                                           $150.00

                            Transmission  Side  Cover  Plate

                                                                                               The side cover plates are made of 1/8 inch cold rolled steel. They are designed in a CAD Program,and cut to shape with a CNC Laser. The side cover plates,mount in place of the axles in the emptied transmission. They can be painted,chromed,or powder coated,and sell as a pair.                                               $75.00

                                   Shorten  Axle  Shaft

                                                                                                           The axles on all our trikes,are shortened six inches. Because of the short supply of axles,We offer our axles as an axchange. You send us your stock axles,and we will send you a pair of shortened axles. $150.00                                         

                                   Shortened  Axle  Tubes

                                                                        The axle tubes are also shortened six inches. The stock shock mount is cut off and the end casting is pressed off, then six inches cut from the axle tubes. Then the end casting is pressed back on. The axle tubes are also sold as an exchange. Send us just the tubes,no bearings or end caps,and we will send you a pair of shortened axle tubes.                                                                                                                                            $100.00

                                       Swing  Arms

                                                                                                                                                The swing arms are designed and made just for our trikes. They have a laser cut mount on the back, that bolts to the axle casting. The front of the swing arms has a hem joint that can be adjusted for toe in and toe out.                                                       $165.00                                                         

                                   Shock  Mounts

                                                                These Shock Mounts are for the back shocks. They are cut to shape with a CNC Laser,and then stamped to shape with our stamping die. Price includes two top mounts,and two bottom mounts.                                                        $140.00

                                   Front  End  Triple  Tree

                                                                      The Front End Triple Tree is made of 6061 aluminum, and are designed just for our gurder front ends. The gurder front end is the strongest front end made, and work well with our trikes,as well as giving the trikes that old school look. They are milled and all holes taped for our dog bones and fork stops.They come with a one inch OD stem, and a set of one inch ID bearings.                                                        $275.00

                                   Gurder  Front  Forks

                                                                                                     Our front end forks are designed and made just for our trikes. They are made from solid 7/8 inch octagon steel. The gurder front end is the strongest style of front end out there today. We designed the front forks to fit our triple trees. They are welded on our factory assembly jig, for exact fit and balance. Forks come with shock mounts, and 5/8 inch OD axle shaft. They can be easly drilled out for larger axles. They come in a raw steel finish, that can be painted, chromed, or powder coated.                                                                                                                                 $300.00 

                                   Front End Dog Bones

                                                                     The Dog Bones connect the Gurder Front Forks to the Triple Tree. They come as a set of four, two bottem,two top. They are made of 1/2 inch cold roled steel, and designed in a CAD program, and cut to shape with a CNC Laser, for exact fit. Each dog bone has two brass bushings at there pivot points,and are bolted to the front forks and triple tree with 3/4x1/2x1/2-13 shoulder bolts, sold separately.                                                $80.00

                                   Chopper  Handle  Bars

                                                              These Handle Bars are made just for our chopper trike, and gurder front ends. They are a pull back handle bar, that hugs the coffin tank, and take a 7/8 inch hand grip,sold separatly                                                                                                                                                  $100.00

                                   Street  Cruiser  Handle  Bars

                                          These Handle Bars are made just for our street cruiser trike, with the gurder front ends.They are a drag bar style, with a six inch rise. These handle bars also use  7/8 inch hand grips, sold separately. They come in a raw steel finish, and can be painted, chromed, or powder coated.                                                                                   $100.00

                               Clutch & Break  Peddle  Assembly

                                                               Our trikes are designed to have hydraulic clutch & breaks. This peddle assembly bolts to the frame, along with the hydraulic master cylinder(not included).It is designed on a CAD program, and cut to shape with a CNC Laser. They are made of 1/2 inch cold rolled steel,and have a brass bushing at the pivit point of the peddle. They come in a set of two,and are in a raw steel finish.They can be painted, chromed, or powder coated.                                                               $200.00

                                   Break  Master  Cylinder

                                                                The Break Master Cylinder is made by CNC company, and work well with our trikes. The bore on the master cylinder is 5/8 inch, and they mount with the same bolts that mount the peddle assemble. They are of aluminum construction and have a built in fluid resevoir.                                                              $65.00

                                   Clutch  Master  Cylinder

                                                                 The Clutch Master Cylinder is made by CNC company,and is the best choice for our trikes. The bore on this master cylinder is 3/4 inch. It has a larger capacity than the break master cylinder, Do to the larger capacity of the clutch slave cylinder. Other then the bore size, It is the same as the break master cylinder.                                                             $65.00                                                           

                                    Clutch  Slave  Cylinder

                                                             The Clutch Slave Cylinder is allso made by CNC company. It is a after market slave cylinder that pulls in the clutch arm of the VW transmission, replacing the oem cable pull. This slave cylinder has a 3/4 inch bore. The short end mounts to the clutch arm, and the longer end mounts to our slave cylinder mount,seen below.                                                                                                                                                                    $65.00

                                Clutch  Slave  Cylinder  Mount

                                                        The clutch slave cylinder mount is the anchor mount for the slave cylinder. It is bolted to the side cover plate of the emptied trans, and the stationary end of the slave cylinder is mounted to it. The slave cylinder mount is designed on a CAD program,and cut to shape in a CNC Laser,to assure exact fit. Then the tab is bent in our stamping press. This mount is made of 1/8 inch cold rolled steel,and can be painted, chromed, or powder coated.                                                                 $35.00

                                   Shifter  Box

                                                            This is the shifter box that mounts under the drivers seat. It is made to except a stock VW shifter. The shifter box is cut out from 16 gage steel,with a CNC Laser,and then stamped into shape with our stamping die. Then welded on the front seams. The shift box comes with a plastic grommet for the shift rod.                                                                      $15.00

                                   Shifter  Linkage

                                                               Because the motor and trans are in the opposite direction, A shift mechanism has to be used to transverse the shift rod back towards the driver. This shifter linkage does just that. It is designed to fit our trikes, and allows the shifter to function in the same shift pattern as the stock shifter in a VW bug. It comes with a shift rod and all necessary hardware. A must have for our trikes.                                                                $200.00

                                       Exhaust  System

                                                               The exhaust system is designed and made just for these trikes. They are made from 1 1/2 inch exhaust pipe,and feature a sweeping expansion chamber that looks much like the ford cobra exhaust. This exhaust system has no baffles, and gives the VW motor a nice low tone, with out exccesive noise. Sold as a pair:                                                                $175.00

                                   Chopper  Gas  Tank

                                                              The Chopper Gas Tank is made just for our chopper trike. It is our version of a coffin tank, and gives the copper that old school look. It is a 4 1/2 gallen tank, with a screw in gas cap bung, and a 3/8 NPT. pitcock mount.  Tank comes with mounting brackets.                                                          $300.00

                                   Tail  Light  Bracket

                                                             The tail light bracket bolts to the back of the trike,just under the seat. It is laser cut,and has mounts for the tail light, Blinkers, and license Plate. The tail light bracket comes in a raw steel finish, and can be painted, chromed, or powder coated.                                                                                                                       $35.00


                                                                                            The Seat Pan will fit both the Chopper, or Street Cruiser Trike. It is made from 14 gage steel, and is laser cut. It has a lumbar support for the driver. And features a trim ring, that rivets to the bottom, and holds the seat upholstry in place. All mounting hardware is included.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            $75.00

                                   Battery  Tray

                                           The Battery Tray is made on our factory welding jig, and holds the lawn tractor battery firmly in place, under the drivers seat. It bolts to the top of the emptied trans, and has the mounting brackets welded in place. The battery tray comes in a raw steel finish,and can be painted, chromed, or powder coated.                                                  $45.00

                                   Ignition  Switch  Mount

                                                                  The Ignition Switch mount is laser cut and bolts to the drive trans bell housing, just under the seat,and next to the shifter. It comes in a raw steel finish, and can be painted, chromed, or powder coated.                                                              $8.00

                                   Throttle Cable  Mount

                                                                   The Throttle Cable Mount is designed to bolt to the bottom of the carberator manifold, and holds the throttle cable in line with the carberator. It is laser cut,and comes in a raw steel finish. It can be painted, chromed, or powder coated.                                                              $8.00

                                   Brake  Hose  Mounts

                                          The Brake Hose Mounts, are bolted to the bottom of the adapter plate, and hold the back brake hose in place. These mounts are laser cut, and come in a raw steel finish, That can be painted, chromed,or powder coated.                                                  $8.00

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